Mission Statement


Faith in self-confidence of young and skilled personnel in CinnaGen encouraged us to enter international pharmaceutical markets in the hope of creating a more radiant and healthier tomorrow for the future of mankind. In striding the way, every day we continuously pursue the enlightening terms of quality and safety and pride ourselves on moving in line with the world's latest scientific and research developments.


Our ideal is to top an exalted position in quality and be recognized as a pioneer, innovative, eminent and value creative company for patients, customers, personnel,business partners, investors and the world community in which we live.


CinnaGen values about Innovation, honesty, studiousness and steady persistence and highest compliance with business conducts and ethics. Also applying the latest world technology in doing research, production and presentation of products and valued service, Creating mutual trust among patients, customers, staff, shareholders and community, Safeguarding properties and fixed and intangible assets of the company and the others, Constant training and skill improvement of all the beneficiaries of the organization, Compliance with the latest standards and national and international regulations,Promoting and encouraging teamwork and individual efforts, Principle and care at the best possible level, Using promotions that are based on competency and Protection of the clean environment.

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