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With the aim of producing modern biotechnological products, CinnaGen Co. was founded in 1994. A move that was initiated by the idea of four diligent experts and was led to becoming the largest producer of medical biotech crops in the region.

Being fully aware of the fact that the most valuable asset of the company is its proficient, young and motivated human capital, has put requirements for promotion and welfare of its employees in priority. That's the reason why a large number of graduates, such as pharmacists, biotechnologists and genetic engineers desire to work in the company.

Corporate Values

- Innovation, honesty, studiousness and steady persistence and highest compliance with business conducts and ethics. 
- Applying the latest world technology in doing research, production and presentation of products and valued service. 
- Creating mutual trust among patients, customers, staff, shareholders and community. 
- Safeguarding properties and fixed and intangible assets of the company and the others. 
- Constant training and skill improvement of all the beneficiaries of the organization. 
- Compliance with the latest standards and national and international regulations. 
- Promoting and encouraging teamwork and individual efforts. 
- Principle and care at the best possible level. 
- Using promotions that are based on competency. 
- Protection of the clean environment.


We, in CinnaGen, are certain that achieving the organization's mission and goals as well as implementation of corporate strategies is not feasible without the presence of capable, professional, young, motivated, and energetic human capital. In fact, they are the source of creating sustainable value and a competitive advantage.

Individual Values

  • To behave and work diligently
  • To have a sense for reinforcing collective motivations
  • Being morally-oriented 
  • Customer oriented
  • Competition along amicability
  • Trust Builder
  • Loyal to the Company
  • Precise
  • Flexible
  • To behave ethically and away from any ancillary and nonsense attitudes  
  • Having individual courage and self-confidence
  • Having a sense of humor
  • Being committed to organizational principles and disciplines
  • Having the sense of teaching and being trained
  • Having the sense of continuous improvement
  • To behave ambitiously
  • Having the sense of perfectionism
  • Avoiding from chores and routine works
  • Having the sense of team work
  • Paying attention to mass interests
  • Being creative and Innovative
  • Having the ability of giving solution
  • Multi-tasking
  • Being punctual and committed to the time
  • Having the ability of crisis management
  • Having immediate reactions
  • Being productive
  • Having the ability of planning
  • Having the economic attitude
  • Result- oriented
  • Having the sense of ownership of the process


Abiding from the state’s regulations and constitution, we in CinnaGen respect all ethnicities and religions and not only we focus on selecting employees based on their merits, but also we avoid paying attention to a particular ethnics or race.

Our employees are from all provinces of Iran, ethnic groups and official religions. The CinnaGen’s employees are 28% female and 78% male. The competent personnel may attain the organization's top levels. CEO of the company is one of the educated and capable women. She has been conducting the company for about 10 years. In CinnaGen 28% of managerial positions are occupied by women.

Salary and Fringe Benefits

Salary and fringe benefits are determined based on the CinnaGen compensation model, being paid to personnel with statutory fringe benefits.

  • Financial Incentives: Rewards are paid to employees based on the performance evaluation results and the financial status of the company.
  • Non- Financial Incentives: A part of non-financial incentives includes appreciation of premium employees or athletes and awarding them with gifts in the presence of board members and CEO. To show names and images of such staffs in information systems is another way for celebrating outstanding employees and their efforts.
  • Organizational Benefits:

A part of organizational benefits in CinnaGen is public and embraces all staffs. Another part of which, based on the company’s policies, targets at maintaining key personnel such as deputies and managers. In addition to what have been mentioned above, other benefits have been considered to promote the employees’ mental and physical health to increase organizational exhilaration and propagate culture and art or commemorations.


  • Premises:

Having a workplace roughly larger than 16,000 Sq. m., The CinnaGen plants and central office have prepared appropriate facilities and conditions for employee’s presence. For their welfares, canteens and cafeteria have been built. In addition, for promoting the employees’ health and help increase the organizational exhilaration, the company has allocated a soccer pitch and volleyball ground and prepared sufficient facilities for ping pong match and foosball as well.

  • Quasi-official groups:

Some of quasi-official groups in CinnaGen form in Telegram or athletic groups. In these groups, more informal organizational communication of views are exchanged among all levels of the organization.

Training and Development:

  • Individual Training and Development:

In CinnaGen, in accordance with vision and strategies, training and individual development is a top priority. In fact, we don’t consider human capital development as a cost, rather we believe that presence of employees in training courses is a sort of investment which has positive impacts on the company and its employees.

All employees gain necessary competencies for working in a knowledge-based complex with sensitive and valuable products by participating in long-term and short-term courses in Iran or abroad.

  • Managers Development:

CinnaGen uses mentioning sessions and training courses for manager’s development. Mentoring sessions are held by various numbers of managers. In some situations these sessions are held for one or two managers in the presence of organizational mentor. On the other hand, the managerial training and development programs are planned and implemented annually in accordance with a special model. These courses are stemmed from the goals of the company and human resource management.

  • Requirements Training:

In training department we claim to have implemented one of the best training systems for requirements training throughout the state. Company’s procedures are not valid unless all related personnel pass the electronic exams. All these documents are kept in training records. Training department ensures whether all employees retrain and learn new points of procedures when documents are reviewed.



  • Safety and Health:

CinnaGen has established safety and occupational hygiene system, OHSAS18001, in order to maintain and promote employees’ health and comply with all the standard requirements. HSE department attempts to establish some procedures in accordance with technical protection regulations and create the culture of paying attention to HSE, prepare facilities and secure equipment and maintain them in secure situations and make premises with lowest accidents as possible. The HSE department also tries to prevent occupational diseases and keep employees’ health by monitoring work-related risk factors and employees’ health (Holding periodic and dedicated checkups related to regulation of work and environmental health center)

  • Environment:

In order to protect environment, CinnaGen has established environment management system, ISO14001, and complied with international and national environmental requirements. The Company attempts to protect environment by preventing contamination of environment that are resulted from production and services activities by waste management, optimal use of resources and energy, reducing potentially harmful factors and adverse environmental effects of new or developmental projects as low as possible.

  • HSE Training:

Due to high importance of training in HSE management system and its role to reduce accidents, occupational diseases, and environmental damages and consequently promote the level of awareness and HSE culture, HSE department, in cooperation with training division, defines training requirements, plans and implements general and specialized training courses pertinent to safety, health and environment.

Occupational progresses of employees:

  • Career Path

Employees are promoted based on CinnaGen occupational promotion model.

  • Successful Employees and Career Progress:

Competent employees are assigned to key positions upon recommendation of deputy managers and direct managers.

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