Dr. Haleh Hamedifar

CEO Being a part of CinnaGen team is always wonderful. Throughout all these years, we have attempted to make our society much healthier. Increasing the quality of life for those people suffering from diverse diseases has always been the matter of life and death at CinnaGen. We firmly believe that each dosage of our products means a unit of hope. As we call out, “Our ambition is beyond imagination”, since there is no end for HOPE. Despite all difficulties of Leading such ambitious team, my passion has taken me all the way through this superb challenge. This is what makes my life more meaningful than ever.

Dr. Alireza Hosseini

CQO & QP Passing the last challenging decade at CinnaGen, reminds me of though hard and pretty easy days, development of new products in R&D department, tricky test methods in QC, implementing a quality system in QA and releasing thousands of batches and million dosages of hope! Serving CinnaGen as its QP and CQO, is my latest honor and I'm immensely proud to act as a pharmacist who is in charge of my beloved company.

Mehran Montajabi

CPO My name is Mehran and I have been working here at CinnaGen Co for 12 years. At the present moment, I have the position of Chief Production Officer(CPO). I have a master of science in the field of medical bacteriology. To me, CinnaGen is on the right track towards the success and is making its own dreams come true through its team members’ tenacity. We are the real meaning of “Work hard in silence and let the success make the noise!”

Mohammad Mirkhani

COO I am Mohammad and I have a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering. I have been working at CinnaGen Co science September 2010 and I served as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) science November 2015. Our goal is efforts towards improving patients’ health and hardworking towards excellence for all stakeholders, I am proud that I work in honest & friendly atmosphere at CinnaGen and I have taken a small step toward that great goal.

Dr. Samira Ansari

CRO From the moment I started working at CinnaGen, I found out a significant sense of team work spirit combined with strong work ethic and each member struggles for a unique purpose. The outstanding fact about CinnaGen is that developing effective policy and efforts for health promotion and improving patient’s quality of life take place by applying up-to-date sciences and technologies based on teamwork. I am privileged and honored to be a part of such committed and professional group and be in charge of a department which plays a crucial role in developing new products. It is noteworthy to mention; we believe “our ambition is beyond imagination” and beyond imagination is achievable.