Dr. Haleh Hamedifar

Chairperson Being a part of CinnaGen team is always wonderful. Throughout all these years, we have attempted to make our society much healthier. Increasing the quality of life for those people suffering from diverse diseases has always been the matter of life and death at CinnaGen. We firmly believe that each dosage of our products means a unit of hope. As we call out, “Our ambition is beyond imagination”, since there is no end for HOPE. Despite all difficulties of Leading such ambitious team, my passion has taken me all the way through this superb challenge. This is what makes my life more meaningful than ever.

Mr. Mehran Montajabi Niyat

CEO My name is Mehran and I have been working here at CinnaGen Co for the last 14 years. At the present moment, I have the position of CEO. I have a master of science in the field of medical bacteriology. To me, CinnaGen is on the right track toward success and is making its own dreams come true through its team members’ tenacity and wonderful ambitions. We are the real meaning of “Work hard in silence and let the success make the noise!

Dr. Borna Payandehmehr

Vice President of Business Development My name is Borna. I lead CinnaGen’s global business development and licensing operation. CinnaGen is the only biotechnology enterprise in MENA region which managed to out-license its cutting-edge technology to renowned corporations; I’m honored and humbled to serve as Vice President of BD, where we increase access to advanced biologics for patients around the world. We are ready and committed to drive change in our evolving industry, we are passionate about creating hope for patients and those who care for them.

Dr. Khashayar Roshanzamir

Chief R&D Officer/Qualified Person of Biological Pharmaceuticals This is Khashayar. I have been working at CinnaGen Co since 2015. At the moment, I am the Qualified Person (QP) of biological products and the Chief R&D Officer . I have a PharmD degree in the field of Pharmaceutical Sciences. I believe, CinnaGen success is the absolute consequence of passions and ambitions in its people’s hearts. We, as a team, are reaching for our growing ambitions even if they seem unimaginable.

Dr.Hamidreza Ebrahimi

Qualified Person of Non-Biological Pharmaceuticals My name is Hamidreza and I have been working here at CinnaGen Co. from Sep 2018. I am Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm.D.) graduated from Tehran University of medical sciences and at the present moment, in charge of Chemical Qualified Person. In my point of view, CinnaGen is a true story about hardworking and accomplishing the goals. As a harmonized team, we believe our dreams to foster our world. we would have to say “our Ambition is beyond Imagination” to that end.

Dr. Hiva Tehrani

Chief Quality Assurance Officer I am Hiva. I have PharmD degree in pharmaceutical sciences. Currently, I have the position of Chief Quality Assurance Officer. It is truly an honor for me to work in such a professional, yet friendly environment. Now, not only patients in my region but also millions of people struggling with serious life threatening disease around the globe can access high quality products, manufactured by CinnaGen which leads to higher quality of life and extends people’s lives. This can only be accomplished by courage, devotion and hard-work of the CinnaGen team at every step.

Dr. Elmira Sayari

Chief Quality Control Officer My name is Elmira and I have been working here at CinnaGen Co for the past 5 years. Currently, I have the position of Chief Quality Control Officer(CQCO). I have Pharm D degree from Tehran university of medical sciences. Working in CinnaGen helped me make my dreams come true through close cooperation with team memebers and wonderful ambitions. We make hope for ourselves, health chain and patient community.

Mr. Mohammadreza Ghiasi

Chief Human Resource Officer My name is Mohammad Reza, CinnaGen Chief Human Resource Officer. I started my career in cinnagen about 18 years ago. In my point of view, “love what you do” is the most important thing to success. So as CHRO, I try to encourage others in this way.

Mr. Mohammad Mirkhani

Chief Planning Officer I am Mohammad and I have a Master's degree in Industrial Engineering. I have been working at CinnaGen Co since September 2010 and I served as the Chief Planning Officer (CPO) since November 2015. Our goal is efforts towards improving patients’ health and hardworking towards excellence for all stakeholders, I am proud that I work in honest & friendly atmosphere at CinnaGen and I have taken a small step toward that great goal.

Mr. Meysam Heydari

Chief Production Officer My name is Meysam, I have been working at CinnaGen since 2008. I started as cell culture expert and Now I am the Chief Production Officer. I studied microbiology and graduated from Karaj University with Bachelor of Science degree. It's a great opportunity for me to work at CinnaGen Co, it's my honor to produce high quality and affordable medicines for rare disease. CG is not only a company, it makes us to feel alive by taking care of patients all around the world.

Mr. Mahyar Abidi

Chief Analytics Officer I am Mahyar, passionate about turning data into actionable insights and driving data-driven business change. I've studied Industrial Management at University of Tehran, working at CinnaGen since 2015 with the background of business analytics, implementing ERP and Business Intelligence solutions in different industries such as Pharmaceutical, Energy, Automotive, Retail, and Holding companies. My main role as a Chief Analytics Officer at CinnaGen is to identify and prioritize business problems and utilize technical skills to solve them, in orchestration with the other C-level executives. At CinnaGen, we believe that when you bring everything you are, you can become everything you want.