Presidential Note

World is changing so fast and science is creating new windows in all disciplines. These are not negligible facts. Biotechnology development is an added value for the 21st century with 14.4% average growth rate in developed countries in the last decade. This technology addresses majority of environmental and health questions of human beings needs and have an important role to meet the demands of the future. We have achieved and experienced the advanced technologies involved in health issues of biotechnology in CinnaGen. With the natural fact of science, we did not set any borderline for advancement. Having the pleasure of working with ambitious specialists, we rely on knowledge and self-confidence that only come from our history and close collaboration with other international manufacturing and research centers with common interest. 
Possession of credit among the medical society and patients, makes us more responsible to our duty to serve the society with qualitative, safe and effective products. Teamwork is not our belief; it is the soul of CinnaGen. We look at each party in biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry as a member of this valuable team. 
CinnaGen’s dependence on self-steam of Iranian youth, has given us the confidence to step into global biopharmaceutical market to make a better, healthier and sustainable future for our children and environment. We look to the bright horizons for all communities to enjoy the blessings of health and hygiene. On route that we have started, every day we apply and repeat golden words of quality and safety and we are proud that with all our love, knowledge and efforts we did our best just to fulfill our duties, since our ambition is beyond imagination. 

Dr. Haleh Hamedifar


Sept.2016 / Public Relations Department / CinnaGen