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At CinnaGen, we consider quality & product safety to be a way of life. Quality is an inherent consideration, from the choosing of our raw materials and suppliers, through the production process, to complying with diverse customer needs and requirements. Quality & product safety fundamentals are integrated into all of the company's routine activities.
CinnaGen, as a high-tech company, is dedicated to comply with modern quality approaches and the strictest regulations in GMP (Food & Pharma) & Product Safety.

Patient Care

Our Patient Care Program aims to improve the experience and outcomes people have with their care.
At CinnaGen, we don’t just treat diseases, we treat individuals. We put our patients’ priorities at the center of our care, and strive for breakthrough discoveries so that we can improve people’s lives.

High Tech

CinnaGen's mission is to serve patients, which means ensuring that all our medicines meet our high quality standards and are supplied reliably to patients around the world. At CinnaGen, we continually invest in our manufacturing to strengthen our industry-leading capabilities and extend our global reach.
Bio-manufacturing requires advanced science, specialized technology, and a talented and highly committed staff.

Cost Effectiveness

CinnaGen obtains a constant cost-effective approach to production in several ways:
Implementing high-end technology, state-of-the art equipment and new techniques that enable a streamlined manufacturing process and lead to a minimum percentage of defects.
Providing the production personnel with documented set-up and process standards, and maintenance procedures in place, in order to avoid unexpected incidents and slowdowns in the manufacturing process.

Recent News

Reports of unauthorized export and availability of counterfeit products of CinnaGen

15May 2022 We have recently been informed from several sources that many of our products are being smuggled to our neighboring countries including Gulf countries such as UAE, Kuwait, … by travelers and unauthorized dealers....


Researchers announced safety and effectiveness of ReciGen (interferon beta-1a 44 mcg manufactured by CinnaGen Co.) on COVID-19 patients

20June 2020


Cinnagen in Duphat

03Mar. 2018 CinnaGen recently participated in Duphat, the biggest pharmaceutical event in the MENA region.


CinnaGen ilac has been established in 2019

13June 2019 This company is the first full cycle manufacturing site to produce biosimilars in Turkey.


Happy New Year

01Jan 2020


Happy New Year

01Jan 2019


CinnaGen in Iraq Health care Exhibition

28June 2018 CinnaGen participated in the Iraq Health Exhibition in Baghdad from June 28th to  June 30th, 2018.


CinnaGen obtained GMP certification from EMA

24Feb. 2018 Iranian biosimilar company CinnaGen obtained GMP certification from EMA