Market Development and Partnering:

At CinnaGen we employ modern technologies to manufacture high quality lifesaving medicines. In addition, finding and accessing new markets and new molecules remains one of the most pivotal aspect of our business.

CinnaGen’s Market Development goal is to extend the presence of CinnaGen’s products beyond our geographical borders. The affordability of cost-effective medicines for patients around the world, helping countries to optimize the health care expenditures and a quality-based competition has made CinnaGen the biggest exporter of biotech products in Iran and the middle-east.  We believe in open and honest collaborations which can create mutual value.

The partnering process:

The partnering process starts with locating areas where our medicines could bring a change to make life better for patients. Market Development team of CinnaGen consists of professionally trained individuals with a cross-functional and diverse qualifications who will help you throughout the partnering process. We welcome all business and scientific proposals from Academia and/or strategic partners with whom we can augment and complete our strengths. We diligently and transparently evaluate the project with you and we ensure that your opportunity receives a prompt comprehensive evaluation.

As of now, our team members have been dedicated to deliver excellent quality service to our clients worldwide by providing patients with better access to high-quality and cost-effective medicines and this will continue to remain our main commitment.

Our areas of interest include: Biosimilars, peptide-based therapeutics, Therapeutic enzymes, Monoclonal Antibodies and Recombinant proteins.

Business Models at CinnaGen:

  • Out-licensing
  • In-licensing
  • Supply and Distribution (API and Finished Product)
  • Agency
  • Technology Transfer
  • R&D Partnering (Research Collaboration and  Co-Development)
  • Joint-Venture
  • Contract Manufacturing
  • Acquisitions and Investment

For more information about Business Development Opportunities please contact:

Aug.2016 / Market Development Department / CinnaGen