CinnaGen, an EU-GMP certified fully integrated biopharmaceutical manufacturing company announced the positive results of its Interferon beta-1a clinical trials on COVID-19 patients.  Following COVID-19 outbreak, several products having antiviral activity entered into clinical trials around the Globe, according to the list of potential therapies of WHO, “Interferon beta-1a” was a candidate product. Independent researchers started to investigate the potential effect of CinnaGen’s Interferon beta-1a on COVID-19 patients; based on scientific literature available supporting positive impact of Interferon beta-1a on SARS and MERS due to its antiviral properties and immunomodulatory functions.

In one of the studies conducted in Iran on patients with COVID-19 with severe symptoms in Masih Daneshvari Hospital, which is the reference medical center for COVID-19 in the country, it was found that the use of ReciGen® along with the standard treatment of COVID-19 can significantly reduce mortality (to 1/5) at the same time images taken from patients' lungs showed a promising response of this medicine in COVID-19

CinnaGen’s mission is to provide affordable medicines and expand access to high-quality biosimilars worldwide. CinnaGen can produce up to 2 Million doses of Interferon beta-1a injections annually and is ready to collaborate with health institutes worldwide to help fight COVID-19.

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