Our Manufacturing Sites


Rightfully, we look at our production of biopharmaceuticals as one of the most serious production lines known for human well-being. CinnaGen plant (SD1) is built up in 4 levels in 4000 m² area. The facility consists of different sections for E.coli fermentation and purification, vial filling line, R&D, synthetic peptide chemistry labs, quality assurance offices as well as administration departments. Our 800 m² clean rooms designed for production of recombinant protein expressed in E.coli are in complete compliance with cGMP rules and regulations. Our products are manufactured in premises that meet all the environmental regulations for this industry. The facility design, materials, finishing and flows meet all the quality criteria for manufacturing biological products.


 A new production site opened on the last quarter of 2012.The plant is constructed in compliance with EU standards in biopharmaceuticals production and has increased current production capacity significantly. This site is built in three levels and covers more than 6000(m2) that include 4500(m2) clean-room area and space for technical maintenance and engine room on a technical floor. This plant is equipped for production of recombinant protein and monoclonal antibodies expressed in CHO(Roller bottle system and cell culture bioreactor up to 2000L), Quality control labs, one PFS and a vial filling line.


This  facility (SD3) was built on march 2013 which consist of 350 m2 conference hall which is also considered as a canteen, 1150 m2 warehouse dedicated for packaging and raw materials and 250 m2 as technical and maintenance which supports the whole facility. Also this area is the place where our central warehouse is located including some administrative offices.


This new cGMP production plant (SD4) was opened on the last quarter of 2016 which was designed in two different floors. 1200 m2 is dedicated for production of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins. This area consists of upstream and downstream processes that contains two 4500 lit bioreactors for mammalian cell culture. Also we are equipped with a cartridge filling line which enables us to produce our drug products as pen.  This area including the packaging department is 1200 m2. A Total area of 2400 m2 technical and maintenance is considered to support the whole production facility.

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