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Export is regarded as the most accelerating way of developing into a highly profitable new phase of growth. Here is the point which the entire endeavours and plans of all Business Development Departments, would be put into practice.

Export Department offers the prospect of present markets, more sales, better profits and a greater spread of customers. Without a clear strategy, however, none of these benefits are likely to be realised.

Since international trade is often more risky and costly than doing business at home, once you do start to win orders, you would encounter legal, financial and logistical challenges, particularly as you might be working in diverse languages and currencies. Hence, we have defined our major framework to move through ; a disciplined, professional, well-structured approach from the initial point.

Our Export department has been based on well-educated staff who are the most skillful, educated and dedicated ones in their own field.

Our Export team members are fully prepared to;

  • assess our customer’s position.

·draw up an action plan.

·research potential markets and monitoring the maintenance of the current markets.

·check the legal status and tax position of the export procedures.

·use a mix of policies including, fiscal incentives, institutional changes, enhanced market access across the world and periodic update reports of export markets in order to monitor our global export status instantly.

The core of the Export Department’s strategy is to retain presence and market share in our old developed country markets, rocket the value chain in providing products in these markets and unlock new vistas, both in terms of markets and new products in the new markets.

Focus on markets in Asia (including ASEAN), Africa and Latin America to strengthen our presence in newly opened up markets.

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