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Downstream Process:

Meanwhile the second step for biopharmaceutical production is indicated as downstream process which was mentioned earlier. Recovering a biological reagent from a cell culture supernatant is one of the critical parts of the manufacturing procedure for biotech products which includes cell separation, chromatography steps, viral inactivation and final filtration.

Usually, the product subsequently undergoes a series of purification steps. Traditionally, the first step captures and initially purifies the product; the subsequent steps remove the bulk of the contaminants, and a final step removes all trace contaminants and variant forms of the molecule.

These chromatography methods include:

  • Affinity
  • Ion-exchange
  • Cation-exchange
  • Hydrophobic interaction
  • Gel filtration

Also during the downstream process a viral inactivation procedure is crucial

Here at CinnaGen Co we have gathered the most up to date purification technologies to ensure that the final product meets the defined criteria with high purity and of course high efficiency.

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