CinnaGen was founded based on research and development of biotechnological products. We produced several molecular biology reagents and diagnostic kits based on our research activities. Our research approaches reached us to realization of biosimilar medicines, first and only in Iran, MENA region and even the world.

CinnaGen Research & Development team committee to develop new biosimilar drugs for quality of life and health level improvement of man kinds specially our compatriots. Discovery research is essential to long-term success in our industry, therefor, our ambition is create first Iranian new drug in the world.

CinnaGen allocates and invests big part of its annual revenue in R&D (about 20%) to achieve and create new biopharmaceutical drug and be recognized as the biggest research-based biopharmaceutical company around the MENA.

Process Development

Highest quality need to improve and develop process and products criteria. Our mission in development area is improvement of our production process, analytical methods and implementation of new techniques and technologies to achieve better yield and highest quality and efficiency.

We work on cloning & cell line development, upstream development, synthesis of critical APIs in field of multiple Sclerosis (MS), Cancer, and infertility and Osteoporosis diseases, downstream development, and formulation development.

Scientific Collaboration

 We believe that faster and better research and development activity realize based on good scientific collaboration with research centers and researchers around the world. Therefor regarding our mission we have constructive scientific partnership and collaboration with Fraunhofer institute (Germany), Boku University (Austria), British Colombia University (Canada), UGA Biopharma (Germany), Medical university of Tehran (Iran), Shahid Beheshti medical University (Iran) and other several research institutes.

CinnaGen in line with its social responsibility grant research thesis about biopharmaceutical industry and disease such as MS, Cancer and infertility.

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